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We provide full service outside general counsel to corporations, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, joint ventures, and all other business entities in Shaker Heights, Ohio, ranging from start-up entrepreneurs to well-established businesses. Our services cover the wide range of challenges and opportunities our business clients encounter from formation, daily operations, business, and corporate governance through dissolution, liquidation, merger, acquisition, or reorganization.

Who We Represent

We represent all varieties of business entities and organizations, using our broad legal, business, and financial experience, skill, and expertise. We focus on formation, planning, and resolving any conflicts before they explode into lawsuits.

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Our Services

We represent clients related to daily operational issues (e.g. business formation, contracts, protection, employees/contractors, sales, marking and distribution, licensing, copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property creation and protection, finance and tax planning, creditor rights, commercial transactions/contracts, and management), strategies impacting a company’s future (e.g. mergers, acquisitions, capitalization, recapitalization, liquidation, ventures), and the fundamental conduct of a business (e.g. corporate governance, public relations, employee rights and discipline, litigation, negotiations, taxation, employee relations, and human resources).

Why Choose Us?

Above all, our top priority is serving the community's business owners to the best of our ability. We know that you contribute a lot to the communities in our area, so we want to give you the best representation possible so you can keep serving the community.

Second, Attorney Sam Thomas has first-hand experience working in business, including human resources and many others. He uses that experience to guide his decision making when choosing certain strategies to help you succeed, whether it's through business formation, contract disputes, employee protection, sales, or even intellectual property.

If you live in Shaker Heights, Ohio or any of the surrounding communities, schedule a free consultation today. Sam proudly serves those throughout the area, including Euclid, Bedford Heights, and Cleveland Heights. Call now to get in touch with an experienced attorney.