Draw On 25 Years Of Knowledge And Experience

Out Of The Courtroom And Into The Classroom

In business, you prepare for success by anticipating the obstacles. In estate planning, you prepare for the future by anticipating what your loved ones will need.

I am Sam Thomas, an instructor with 25 years of courtroom experience and accumulated legal wisdom. I teach classes on the probate process, and I am available for speaking engagements to groups as well as individual instruction to entrepreneurs and licensed professionals.

To inquire about my seminars or one-on-one coaching, call my Beachwood office at 216-777-4199.

Learn About Wills, Trusts And Probate

I teach courses on the Ohio probate process and what individuals and families can do to limit the timeline, cost and family squabbles:

  • Probate is expensive and ultimately reduces the size of your estate that your heirs and beneficiaries will inherit.
  • Probate can be lengthy and time-consuming. There are oftentimes long delays before assets are transferred to any beneficiaries.
  • Assets and bank accounts can be frozen and made completely inaccessible to family members until probate is finalized.
  • There is a lack of control over the probate process. Your personal representatives may have limited discretion on how to handle certain debts or assets.
  • Probate is a matter of public record, meaning many estate matters that you would prefer to keep private may be made available to the public.

In my estate planning practice, I help clients avoid probate through the use of wills, trusts, joint tenancy, beneficiary designations, payable on death accounts, tenancy by the entirety, and other legal strategies.

I also practice in probate and estate administration, helping that grieving executor or administrator navigate the process and settle their loved one’s affairs efficiently.

Lay The Foundation For Business Success

Throughout my career I have been a lawyer, instructor, coach, workshop leader, lecturer and keynote speaker. Clients benefit from my diverse background in law, higher education and entrepreneurship.

I am available to small business owners, managers, professionals and trade groups throughout the Cleveland area and Cuyahoga County for coaching, training and problem-solving on a wide array of matters:

  • Business start-up and entity selection
  • Writing and reviewing business contracts
  • Buying or selling a business or business assets
  • Running a non-discriminatory workplace
  • How to hire and fire employees or contractors the right way
  • Risk management, including indemnification through insurance
  • Preparing for professional licensure exams

Sign Up For A Class Or Set Up A Session

I am available for speaking engagements on probate and estates or employment matters, or you can attend one of my scheduled courses. I can also make “house calls” to provide one-on-one training or exam prep for business law clients.

Please reach out to my firm, Sam Thomas III Esq. & Associates, LLC, by calling 216-777-4199 or email me today.